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DEiT 0125

  • Air Flow: 125 SCFM
  • Nominal Absorbed Power: 0.91 KW
  • Air Connection: 1″ NPT

  • Specifications
  • Capacities

    Air Flow: 125 SCFM
    Nominal Absorbed Power: 0.91 KW
    Air Connection: 1″ NPT


    Length: 26.7 in
    Width: 20.1 in
    Height: 33.8 in
    Connections: 3.1 in
    Net Weight: 165 lbs


    Volts/Phase: 115/1 or 230/1
    Hz: 60

    Additional Information

    (1) Air flow rate: data refers to the following conditions; air FAD 68°F/14.5 psi (a), pressure 100 psi (g), air inlet temperature 100°F, ambient temperature 100°F, air pressure 100°F , according to CAGI (ADF100) standards. Pressure dew point from 33°F to 39°F.
    (2) Total dryer absorbed power at rated operating conditions and at 115/1/60 or 460/3/60 power supply.
    (3) Weights are net (without packing and for timed drain configuration).
    * Available on request.

    Maximum inlet temperature: 158°F (DEiT 0010 – 0325); 135°F (DEiT 0425-DEiT 1000). Maximum ambient temperature: 115°F.
    Minimum ambient temperature: 41°F. Maximum air pressure: 232 psig.
    For applications with higher ambient or inlet temperatures, or higher pressures, please contact our sales offices.
    Refrigerant fluids: R134a (DEiT 0010-DEiT 0325); R410A (DEiT0425-1000). Protection class.
    A model selection and energy savings calculating software is available for dryer selection in conditions differing from the above. The below correction factors should be used as a guide only.

    Correction Factors (indicative values): AIR FLOW (scfm) = RATED VALUE x K1 x K2 x K3 x K4. 
    air pressurepsi5075100125150232
    correction factorK10.770.901.
    pressure dew point°F38404550
    correction factorK21.
    air inlet temperature°F90100110120130149158
    correction factorK31.231.000.810.680.610.490.44
    ambient temperature°F90100110115
    correction factorK41.071.000.930.88
  • Features
  • DEiT 0125
    • R134A refrigerant offers high overload capacities.
    • Easy to use and maintain.
    • Operation in high ambient of 115°F
    • Lowest dew point provided by thermal storage acts as a buffer covering sudden load variations.
    • Stainless steel demister removes condensed moisture at all air flows.
    • Environmentally safe – no risk of cross contamination between refrigerant and compressed.

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