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FIlter 1Modern industrial processes are reaching ever higher levels of sophistication, and their Compressed Air networks require ever higher air purity levels; the consequences of inadequate or low efficiency filtration are increased downtime, high maintenance costs and reduced product quality. MTA’s PureTec filters avoid these undesired consequences, offering guaranteed and lab tested filtration efficiency levels within an extensive range which satisfies all individual User needs.

Filter Housing

ModelAirflowAir ConnectionsMax Operating PressureDimensions (mm)WeightFilter Element
SCFMNPT (in)(psig)ABCD(lbs)n° / model
HEF (aluminum)
HEF 005353/82323.467.400.792.762.0E 06050
HEF 007501/2”2323.467.400.792.762.20E 07050
HEF 010753/42323.4610.160.792.762.4E 14050
HEF 0181202324.9210.281.303.156.2E 12075
HEF 0302002324.9214.291.303.157.50E 22075
HEF 0473001 1/2”2324.9218.231.303.158.60E 32075
HEF 0704601 1/2”2324.9225.281.303.1511.90E 50075
HEF 0945902326.4227.011.893.7417.6E 51090
HEF 1508852326.4236.811.893.7423.1E 76090
HEF 17510002-1/22326.4236.751.75-15.2E 76090
HEF 200130032329.531.252.91-28.4E 51140
HEF 240162532329.7641.732.9129.9254E 75140
B (carbon steel)
B 3601,64217419.6965.6312.48-244.72 / 76090
B 4502,46317419.6965.6312.48-253.53 / 76090
B 6003,28417425.2066.6113.46-304.24 / 76090
B 9004,92617431.1069.5313.46-469.66 / 76090

Air inlet temperature 100 °F, ambient temperature 100 °F, air pressure 100 psig. For differing operating pressures apply the correction factors from the below table. Filters for higher pressures and with differing materials available on request. Minimum operating temperature 33.8 °C For B filters contact MTA for technical data confirmation. Air flow correction factors for differing operating pressures:

Pressure psig152030405060708090100120140160180200220232
Correction factor0.260.300.390.480.560.650.740.830.911.001.171.351.521.791.872.052.15
Filter element gradePMSA
Rated initial pressure drops (psig)0.580.721.160.72


Element Filtration Grades

Filtration gradePMSA
typepre-filtercoalescingcoalescingactivted carbon
applicationgeneral purposefineoil-freecritical applications
particle sizeISO Class321N.A.
maximum oilmg/m3N.A.
concentrationISO ClassN.A.311
temperature limitmax 149 °Fmax 149 °Fmax 149 °Fmax 149 °F


Applications by Filtration Grade

ApplicationConfigurationTypical applications
dust filtrationdust filtrationdry particle removal, dust filtration, adsorption dryer post-filter, low pressure dust filtration
general purposegeneral purposepre-filtration for refrigeration dryers, general purpose filtration, vacuum pump pre-filtration, air blowers, bulk removal of liquids & solids, pneumatic tools
fine filtrationfine filtrationoffshore, pneumatic tools & controls, sand blasting, air conveyors, shipyards, metal working, compressed air motors, sand blasting equipment, vacuum pump post-filtration, surface treatment
oil freeoil freepre-filtration for adsorption dryers, instrumentation, pneumatic bearings, fine pneumatic tools, air logistics, air conveyors, spray painting processes, air gauging
critical applicationscritical apppharmaceutical, medical, critical instrumentation, air conveyors, pneumatic equipment, surface treatment, film processing, vacuum pump post-filtration, compressed air motors, offshore, shipyards, production & packaging & transport in breweries & dairies & food/ drink industries, removal of taste/smell/oil vapour, non-critical breathing air applications, sand blasting processes
enhanced dew pointsenhanced dew pointselectronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, hospitals, aviation, automotive, plastics, refineries, railways, textiles, food/drink, dairies, breweries, chemical. (Certain applications also require grade A filtration downstream)